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Aw:: CBB 4.02 ab XOOPS 2.4.3

Betreff: Aw:: CBB 4.02 ab XOOPS 2.4.3
von Mazarin am 19.10.2010 13:02:16

My german isn't great so I'll stick to english here.

I've noticed three bugs in CBB 4.02:
- Moving a topic between forums, using admin mode in the actual topic, only results in a blank screen in topicmanager.php
- Moving several topics between forums, using admin mode in the forum, is not possible since you can select move from the top drop-down box, but there is no place to select which forum to move them to. The action results in an error message saying no forum was selected.
- A quote missing on line 19 IIRC in poll.php

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