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A XOOPS module for handling events, including online registrations.


If you like the wgEvents module and thanks to the long process for giving the opportunity to the new module to be created in a moment, consider making a donation to Xoops.org

wgEvents version 1.x

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  • XOOPS 2.5.11;
  • XOOPS Admin 1.2;
  • PHP 7.4 or higher;
  • MySQL 5.5; -> Minimum Recommended Using InnoDB Version 5.1 or Later


wgEvents is ready for PHP 8.0


  • Creation of events
  • Usage of categories for events
  • Possibility to customize registration forms with unlimited number of fields
  • Detailed permission settings
    • for each group for events, questions, registrations
      • permission to view
      • permission to submit
      • permission to approve
  • Mail notification system
    • for users
      • dedicated users per event (e.g. organizer team)
      • for participants of an event
    • for these users
      • registration
      • deregistration
      • modification of registration
      • modification of event
  • Usage of waiting lists
  • Monitoring of payment status
  • Implementation of SimpleCalendar
  • Export of list of participants in xlsx or csv file
  • Usage of Google Maps to show marker for location
  • Support of multiple fees for each event (e.g. different fees for child, adults,...)
  • Sending mails by using a task handler (mails per hour can be defined)
  • Ajax support for most used functions for event organizers (e.g. set status, confirm payment,...)
  • Support of saving historical data (registrations, answers)
  • Implementation of tablesorter
  • Import of events from Apcal und ExtCal module
  • All templates are based on bootstrap and fully responsive
  • Maintenance tools
  • Cloning of module
  • Test data included


In folder extras/themes/ you can find the theme xswatch4_wge especially prepared for wgEvents


Coming soon...


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