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xmcontent module for XOOPS CMS 2.5.10+

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xmcontent module for XOOPS CMS is a content management module.

This module that will meet your initial need to create and manage pages of information that are simple to implement and effective.

Here are some interesting elements of the module:

Managing Pages
Search for the page by title, by status (On / Off / All)
Sort by page weight
Detailed management of access rights by user groups, for each page
Image associated with the page
Fast page cloning
Choice of the main page of the module: existing page or list of pages ("Display on the main page" option)
Short description possible for a display on the main page of the module
Image associated with the page
Status: Enabled / Disabled
Display of the page title
Display on the main page of the module
Activation of comments, managed for each page (or global management in the module)
Using a custom css file for content pages
Customizable keywords (SEO) per page or self-generated
Description (SEO) customizable by page or self-generated

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